Hollywood's Hottest Women Before the 2000s - Where Are They Now?

Published on December 9, 2020

Martha Stewart

Before she became the first lady of American home life, Martha Stewart was a model. She began modeling at the age of 15 and continued to work in the industry in order to pay for her studies. After that, she also worked as a stockbroker for a boutique firm for a while. 

Today, Stewart has an empire of cooking books, shows, and retail. After a short period as an outlaw in 2004, Stewart came back to her brand, and in the last years, the '70s star is still expanding her brand by adding dozens of products to her retail lineup, which includes books, cookbooks, television specials, and collaborations. In June 2018, she agreed to be a guest judge on Chopped. She spends the rest of her time in her estates in New York and Maine.